Senior Software Engineer (#569025)


 In this position, you will be responsible to conduct or participate in the design, development, testing and utilization of numerical algorithms, floating-point librries, and other floating-point and statistical software components for Intel Architectures; participate in the design, statistical characterization and validation of hardware components for Intel security platforms.

Your responsibilities will include but not be limited to:

  • Work assignments which may include multidisciplinary research and interaction with hardware designers
  • Developing plans and cost estimates and assessing projects to analyze benefits and/or risk
  • Developing procedures, analyzing and designing software components, products, and systems for Intel Architectures
  • Initiating, guiding, and coordinating overall design and development of new ideas and products
  • Responding to customer and/or client requests or events as they occur
  • Ensuring software products conform to standards and specifications
  • Developing solutions to problems utilizing formal education and judgment


  • Candidate should possess a Master of Science degree or a Ph.D. in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Electrical Engineering, a background in areas such as software design and software engineering, scientific computation, numerical and/or statistical analysis & simulations

Additional qualifications include:

  • Good mathematical background, in particular in the area of numerical analysis, probability theory, stochastic processes, statistical analysis and decisions, computational statistics or radio-physics
  • Good understanding of Intel architecture processors, their features, and operation
  • Familiarity with floating-point and/or cryptographic standards
  • Familiarity with software system debug techniques using Intel software tools
  • Technical skills in Microsoft* Windows*, Linux or other OS SW Development environments, C and/or C++, managed runtime and Fortran are an advantage
  • Firm grasp of programming tools such as compilers, linkers, and debuggers
  • Ability to function in a team environment yet be successful when working in a self-directed work environment
  • Good verbal and written communication skills and a highly disciplined approach to problem solving
  • Strong influence skills and customer orientation
  • Willingness for some travel schedule
  • Experience with software systems such as Maple, Mathematica, stat packages such as R or similar ones 


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