Business Intelligence Senior Developer

Business Intelligence Senior Developer


Experience in implementation of Financial/Management Reporting
solutions not less than 5 years

  • Advnced knowledge of:
    • Reporting technologies;
    • Data integration technologies;
    • Analytical database design and build (relation and
    • MS Excel (including VBA).
  • Strong experience in:
    • Multidimensional databases design (include security model
    • ETL (include data validation, audit, incremental
    • SQL (T-SQL preferable) and MDX.
  • Experience in MS SQL Server BI stack:
    • Analysis Services;
    • Integration Services;
    • Reporting Services. 
  • Strong analytical skills.
  • Finance background and ERP systems implementation/ support
    experience would be a plus.


  • The main responsibility is provisioning Enterprise reporting
    and analysis solutions for the firm and includes:

    • Analysis of business requirement;
    • Design solutions and implementation of BI solutions,their
      further maintenance.
  • It is necessary to work closely with:
    • Reports development;
    • Design and development of data warehouse (DW) and
    • Preparing complex queries;
    • ETL development.


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