Soft SDV Software Engineer (#569364)


  • Software Engineers in Intel® platform Simulator team will be responsible to design implement and support software models of HW parts which is being used tomodel Intel architectures and platforms.
  • This includes work with specifications of CPUs, chipsets and devices, design of the models, coding, testing and debugging.
  • Interactions with customers inside and outside Intel are essential activities of the engineer in this team.
  • Business trips worldwide occur.
  • Strong knowledge of Intel® architecture, will to learn and grow are key factors of success


You should posses a relevant educational qualification with a solid experience in software development C and/or C++. Additional qualifications include:

  • English speaking and writing skills
  • Willingness to learn
  • Knowledge of Asm (any assembler) would be an added advantage
  • Knowledge and experience in software simulation would be an added advantage
  • Strong knowledge in computer architecture, mixture of software and hardware knowledge would be an added advantage
  • Team work capability and experience working with US, China, Israel and/or India would be an added advantage


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  2. Новые решения IBM для cloud computing
  3. Скоростная платформа для лезвий
  4. Новый высокопроизводительный сервер IBM для систем виртуализации
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